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  1. Tatiana Henao says:

    I’m from Colombia, so when I’m in mi Pais I feel right at home. It feels like when you go to mom’s house on Sundays and she made dinner for the whole family. My favorites dishes are the hawaiian empanada, Arepas rellenas (filled with anything: cheese, avocado, chicken or beef) and the rice with shimp.
    I love this place because I can also do groceries, I buy the flour to make arepas at home!
    The owners are always there taking care of their customers and always welcoming everyone like if they were family.

  2. Victoria R.Coatesville, PA says:

    I was so happy that we came here for lunch. I had read the reviews, and had to try it out. We don’t go out to lunch that often and I wanted something different, not the same old sandwiches fries or salad.

    The place is quaint and adorable and the staff was so welcoming and friendly. Raul took care of us send I think between me, the hubs and my father we sampled a decent portion of the menu. The empanadas were awesome! I loved all of them, but liked the Hawaiian the best. My dad got the seafood soup which he enjoyed. ( and I I wish I had gotten a bowl- next time!) We also tried the Colombian bacon, which was good. I has shredded chicken on green plaintains, very good. The hubs and dad got a traditional dish too ( pardon me, I speak no Spanish and my memory is shot do I can’t remember the names of the dishes) but they thoroughly enjoyed their meal. ( pork and beans served with rice and a plaintain chip)

    We will def return, it was a breath of fresh air compared to where we would normally go out to and I love to see a mom and pop shop succeed!

  3. Myriam Zapata says:

    Amo mi Pais, todo, todo es muy rico. La amabilidad y ese ambiente tan agradable que se siente y respira.
    Mi plato favorito, TODOS! Pero hay un chicharron que me encanta.

  4. Michael says:

    Love the empanadas!
    The tilapia is amazing.

    • Honestly, when I came into the restaurant I just was expecting to get some food and fill my stomach……..but oh, oh I was in for a treat.since I was hungry I got the Bandeja mi Pais their version of the Bandeja Paisa and it was DELICIOUS
      the chorizo was full of flavor, the chicharron smokey and meaty no just fat. even the arepas were so tasteful and believe me I had been around food all my life. For a restaurant that it is not in the middle of a big city, it is worth to made the trip there. and the most important thing, was the service. Thank for giving our Colombian food some great flavor
      Love it!! and will come back on my next trip!!

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